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Brookvine offers a complete line of resin casting, encapsulation and potting products

Brookvine are specialists in Resin Casting, Encapsulation and Potting. With over 40 years experience in using Epoxy and Polyurethane resins, Brookvine is a key part of Essex X-Ray.

Resin Casting Components cast using a wide range of epoxy and polyurethane resins to custom electrical and mechanical specification. Brookvine products
Encapsulation & Potting Encapsulation and potting of custom supplied Electronic and High Voltage products for a wide range of applications
Neutron Shielding & Detection Boron Carbide B4C Neutron absorption panels and mouldings for particle physics applications.
Optically Coupled Scintillated Neutron Detectors for particle physics instruments.

Brookvine specialise in the design and manufacture of Boron Carbide Neutron shielding and produce Optically Coupled Neutron detectors for use in particle physics applications.

Additionally, Brookvine undertake full procurement, assembly and high voltage testing of electrical components and parts as well as the post-mould machining of cast products and other custom design services.