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HVT (High Voltage Technology) are specialists in High Voltage components. In 1991 HVT was established as a division of Essex X-Ray to supply a wide range of high quality products from manufactures around the world. As part of Essex X-Ray, HVT can call upon a wide range of facilities and is able to design and manufacture special components to customer requirements.
HVT's range of High Voltage products include:
HVT products Cable High Voltage Single and Multi cored, shielded and unshielded cable.
Capacitors High Voltage Ceramic Disk Capacitors
Connectors High Voltage Single and Multicore Connectors and Cables
Diodes HV and HV Fast Recovery Diodes
Custom Designs HVT design, manufacture and supply of a wide range of products to customer specification.
HVT is involved with many specialist high voltage applications including X-Ray, Electron Beam, Laser, Radar and Nuclear Fusion Projects.